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Stepmania Simfiles

N'TSS N'TSS step files - Composed by the team

Flèche vite fait Voici nos compositions musicales personnelles et leur pas de danse associés, pour tapis principalement. Nous avons composé entièrement ces musiques/chansons. L'ensemble est donc pleinement légal et vous pouvez les diffuser gratuitement si vous voulez, du moment que les crédits et références contenues dans les MP3 restent intacts. Merci.

Here are our musical compositions and their associated stepcharts, mainly for pad. We have composed these musics/remixes from scratch. So you can distribute them freely if you wish to, as long as the credits contained in the MP3 files remain visible. Thank you.

Healing vision out of sight mix (hvoosm). Stepmania steps stepcharts bga. Anto80 mol music simfile. Ddr touindin ntss techno remix. Free itg pad coblat felusk ntssntss.

Healing Vision ~out of sight mix~ (HVoosm)

by Anto80 vs. DE-SIRE

BPM: 198.0 (actually 49.5 - 198.0)
Stops: 1
Stepchart : Anto80  - beginner:2  light:5  standard:7  heavy:9  oni:N/A-  See steps video.
Released : March 2007.
Download SM simfile : SM ZIP HealingVision_outofsightmix_HVoosm SM.
Download MP3 Only : MP3 HealingVision_outofsightmix_HVoosm MP3, Full Version in max quality, including the full ending
HVoosm preview

HVoosmThis remix is a upbeat clean techno mix of the 3 other official HV versions available today: 'Healing Vision', 'Healing Vision Angelix Mix'(HVAM), and surprisingly a little bit of 'Healing-D-Vision'(HDV) too. The simfile music is the DDR Edit version for this song (The ending has been cut, and the MP3 is rendered at 192 kbps).

Mirror download: http://www.bemanistyle.com/sims/simfile.php?id=17746

Other "credits" :
I'd like to thanks everyone that made this possible. Special thanks to Thunderdome, hardcore, Speedcore Dandy, Cosplayman, Beatmania II dx, DDR, ITG, Mars Delight, hot'n spicy Vico Chips, MedaMeda, Forty nine cents, Mol (Bad guy), Neko (Bad girl), LesbianEpikt, Captain Jack, SRG, The French Nintendo League, DDR UK, DDR America, DDR Europe, DDR Jamaica, DDR Antarctica, DDR Rennes, off-sync'ed "Colors" from SuperNOVA machine, Depeche Mode, Björk, Azumanga Daioh, motocross racers, Gundam otakus, chicken (from the famous recepe "Chicken and fries"), Ghetto blaster, not that easy rotten songs which are never picked up by anyone, Wiper003, Fussoir, Scooter, PuyoPop Fever, Modplug Tracker software development team, Courtepaille for their free coupons and great menus, Pizza Time (any time), Stepmania online geeks, Stepmania offline geeks, Stepmania beginners, ugly purple T-shirt designers, expensive restaurants, Des Row, tasty cakes, interneto tekuniku, Dazibao, nice cosplayers, Destined marionettes, Ibis hotels (for their parking sponsored by owned production), Formula 1 hotels (for their evelator supporting Puyo dance performance), MaXx adepts, Dancing Stage Mamie Nova, Skor pack contributors, Raggae Bank, decent coin counters, cotton-eyed cow boys from Texas, Space Laser, Reverse 360, Kawaii addicts, Arcade shooting game developers, 3 Hit Combo, gothic lolitas, insane steps, Remember January, 21 February, March =), Pump The Groove 'N Dance Music, forum flamers and flooders, Square Soft, Slayers, Radioseven.se internet radio, Naruto (humm..no! just kidding!) DotA/W3/D2/WoW/Flyff/Midnite/mMoRpG online nerds... and Bemanistyle too.

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